Pesach the taste of freedom

  • Subject:

    Jewish Culture and Religion

  • Who is it for:

    Early Childhood and Primary Schools


Activity Description:

The Pesach and the taste of freedom educational laboratory offers students an in-depth look at the feast of Pesach, also known as Jewish Easter, which commemorates the liberation of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. In the form of a game, they will be told about the traditions linked to this holiday, such as the Seder ritual, and to fully understand the underlying meanings they will be given riddles to solve.

At the conclusion of the activity, a Kosher snack will be prepared together, allowing students to directly taste some of the foods consumed during this occasion and introduce the dietary laws of Kashrut.


  • Understanding the History and Traditions of the Jewish Holiday of Pesach
  • Conoscere alcune regole della Kasherut
  • Observing a Specific Object to Understand its Meaning

Pesach: The Flavor of Freedom

  • Notes: €120 per group up to 15 participants, €8 per each additional student
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School Groups
Up to 15 participants, €8 per each additional student