Testimonies on Holocaust Memorial Day in Padua

Collection of videos on testimonies of the Holocaust. Short stories, created using original testimonies and documents from the city of Padua, to explain the Holocaust on Holocaust Memorial Day

The Jewish Museum of Padua offers several free videos covering different topics. Thanks to these videos, it will be possible to delve into the history of the Jewish community in Padua, events related to the Nazi-Fascist persecution years, and the Holocaust in Padua, as well as consider some of the Jewish personalities of fundamental importance to the city.

Short stories created using testimonies and original documents from events that occurred in the city of Padua

Our Video Collection

Virtual tour


Virtual tour of the temporary exhibition “A Light Dispels Darkness,” inaugurated on October 29, 2020, will conclude on May 31, 2021. The exhibition narrates the celebration of Chanukkah and the nine-branched lamps reinterpreted by contemporary artists, including Arnaldo Pomodoro and Emanuele Luzzati. The lamps are from the collection of the Museum of Lights in Casale Monferrato.

Three Stories


“Three Stories” produced on Holocaust Memorial Day 2021, memory between awareness and oblivion, is a short documentary created by Filippo Tognazzo, Gina Cavalieri, with music by Sergio Marchesini. It gathers the testimony of three women who experienced the Holocaust directly, such as Lia, or through family members, like Anna Lisa and Sara. Thanks to these three incredible women who chose to remember, and thanks to Ottavia Piccolo, whose voice enriched the video narrative.



“Esedra” is a reworking of the video installation “Generazione va, generazione viene,” visible as an immersive projection at the Jewish Museum of Padua. The director Denis Brotto defines it as follows: “With this video installation, I wanted to tell the life of the Jewish community of Padua through some of its most representative figures, from the 1400s to the present day: rabbis, mayors, rectors, people who have distinguished themselves and whose memory is still alive today. But this work ideally aims to be the story of all the women and men who have been part of the history of the Jewish Community.