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Workshops and Activities for Schools

The Museum of Jewish Padua offers various learning opportunities for children and teenagers with the aim of introducing them to various topics related to Jewish history and culture in an active and engaging way. The various educational workshops aimed at schools or large groups (upon request) propose to explore and approach specific topics from a different perspective, leaving room for moments of debate and cooperative learning. Therefore, the Museum aims to be a valuable educational destination for Outdoor Education, capable of providing new stimuli even to the youngest.


The proposals are divided here by topic: it will be our task to adapt them to the participants’ group! All educational workshops end with a visit to the Italian Synagogue, the current place of worship of the Community, to fully understand its fundamental elements.


Upon request, agreed in advance, it is possible to request the implementation of some of the workshops proposed at schools.

Welcome to a Journey into History


Are you ready to immerse yourselves in an extraordinary experience of learning and reflection? The Museum of Padova Ebraica welcomes you to a unique journey, where history blends with education to honor memory and preserve remembrance.

  • Three Stories – Memory Between Awareness and Oblivion

  • Understanding and reprocessing the memory of the Holocaust

  • We’re Offside

  • Matthias Sindelar and Gretel Bergman: The Stories of Two Great Champions Under the Nazi Regime

  • The portrait of the lawyer Levi: a life rediscovered

  • Learn about Paolo Levi's story and reflect on Memory

  • The City That Whispered

  • An illustrated book gently introduces us to the theme of silence and the history of contemporary Judaism

  • The Stumbling Stones in Padua

  • Understanding the Recent History of Padua and Raising Awareness of Historical Events

Welcome to a Journey into Jewish Culture

Jewish culture

A fascinating journey through centuries of Jewish traditions, art, religion, and history. We share with you the contents of a rich and complex culture that has significantly contributed to a millennia-long history.

  • A Million Descendants

  • To learn about a great rabbi of Padua and discover the historic Jewish cemetery

  • The Jewish holidays

  • Discovering the objects used in the most important Jewish holidays

  • Miracle at Chanukah

  • Stories of miracles at Chanukah and spinning tops for playing while learning the Hebrew letters

  • Pesach the taste of freedom

  • Discover the traditions of the Jewish Passover in a fun way while enjoying a Kosher snack

  • The Cycle of Life

  • The Most Important Stages in the Life of a Jew and in Everyone's Life

  • Giacomo Levi saves the Scrovegni Chapel

  • The extraordinary story of the acquisition of the Scrovegni Chapel and the decisive contribution of Giacomo Levi Civita

  • Queen Esther Tells…

  • Queen Esther tells her story to young visitors

Welcome to an Intercultural Dialogue

Comparison between Cultures

Our educational activities are a special opportunity to discover Jewish culture in relation to other traditions. Together, we will explore cultural influences, similarities, and differences that enrich the fabric of our society through comparison.

  • Guess Who You Are…

  • To engage in discussion and reflect on one's own and others' identities'

  • Stories of Illustrious Jews

  • The stories of illustrious Paduan Jews will test students in a "2.0 knowledge competition"

  • Knowledge and flavors

  • Discover the rules of Jewish nutrition and rediscover your habits

An extraordinary sensory adventure

Unique immersive experience

An engaging adventure through art, music, and dance in the Jewish tradition realized through the use of silent headphones. Put on the headphones and let the music and voices of experts guide you on an exciting journey through the melodies, games, and dances of the Jewish tradition.

  • A light disperses the darkness – Silent Play

  • An immersive experience involving music, games, and dances, exploring Chanukah

  • Pursuant to Shabbat – Silent Play

  • A silent play, a sensorial journey through taste, touch and smell on Shabbat