The Cycle of Life

  • Subject:

    Jewish Culture and Religion

  • Who is it for:

    Primary and Lower Secondary Schools


Activity Description:

The educational workshop 'The Cycle of Life' offers students an in-depth exploration of the fundamental stages of life in the life of a Jew: they will be told about different ceremonies such as the Milah (circumcision), the Bar and Bat Mitzvah marking the religious majority of boys and girls, marriage, and finally the funeral. This is to understand how each phase of life has a specific role and ritual.


  • Understanding the Connection Between Life and Religion in Judaism
  • Appreciating the Importance of Growth in All Its Phases
  • Understanding the Fundamental Stages in Jewish Life

The Cycle of Life

  • Notes: €75 per group up to 15 participants, €5 per each additional student
  • Opening hours:
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    Duration: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes
School Group
Up to 15 participants, €5 per each additional student