Three Stories – Memory Between Awareness and Oblivion

  • Subject:

    History and Memory

  • Who is it for:

    Secondary Schools (Grade I: 3rd year) and II Grade


Activity Description:

The educational workshop 'Three Stories' consists of three phases aimed at understanding and reworking the memory of the Holocaust.

The first phase aims to explain the fundamental events that marked the persecution of the rights and lives of Italian Jews, particularly those in Padua, between 1938 and 1945.

The second phase involves watching the film 'Three Stories' (2020, 30 min), which collects the testimonies of three women: one a direct witness and the other two from the second generation. They are involved in reconstructing their personal and family history.

The third and final phase aims to fully understand the events recounted in the three different stories and to rework them, making them one's own and thus positioning oneself as custodians of these testimonies. This is done through a moment of dialogue and reflection – first collectively and then in small groups – on the impressions aroused.


  • Introduce students to the history and events of the Nazi-fascist persecution of Jews, with a focus on the case of Padua
  • Engage with three cases of 'micro-history' that relate to general events
  • Reinterpret the recounted memories with awareness so that students can, in turn, become witnesses and true bearers of memory

* The documentary film "Tre Storie. La memoria tra consapevolezza e oblio," directed by Filippo Tognazzo and Raffaella Rivi, was produced by the Jewish Community of Padua and Zelda Teatro with the support of the Veneto Region. It was filmed in 2020, featuring testimonies from Anna Lisa Sacerdoti, Lia Sacerdoti, and Sara Parenzo.


Three Stories – Memory Between Awareness and Oblivion

  • Notes: €105 up to 15 participants, €7 for each additional student
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    Duration: 2 Hours
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Up to 15 participants, €7 for each additional student