We’re Offside

  • Subject:

    History and Memory

  • Who is it for:

    Primary and Lower Secondary Schools


Activity Description:

The proposed activity 'We're Offside!' consists of the recounting of two stories: the first is about the Austrian footballer Matthias Sindelar, whose story will be read from the illustrated book for children 'Offside'*, while the second is about the athletics champion Gretel Bergman. The personal stories of these two athletes, who lived during the Nazi regime, will help understand the general historical events and the discrimination that prevailed during those years, leading to a broader reflection on the meaning of being offside and excluded.

The activity will continue with a team memory game that will actively engage the participants and finally provide them with all the information regarding the biographies of the two champions to be ordered and reconstructed chronologically for full understanding.


  • Bringing Students Closer to History and the Events of the Years of Nazi Persecution Against Jews
  • Engaging with Two Cases of 'Micro-History' Linked to General Events and Reconstructing a Biographical Timeline Through Gameplay
  • Reinterpreting and Reflecting on the Meaning of Personal Choices and Actions

* For the reading, we will use the book 'Offside!' by Fabrizio Silei, illustrated by Maurizio Quarello, published by Orecchio Acerbo, for which we have been kindly granted permission to use.


We're Offside

  • Notes: €105 for up to 15 students, €7 for each additional student
  • Opening hours:
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    Duration: 2 Hours
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Up to 15 students, €7 per each additional student