A light disperses the darkness – Silent Play

  • Subject:

    Multisensory Experience, Jewish Culture and Religion, Intercultural Dialogue, Music

  • Who is it for:

    Primary and Secondary Schools I and II Grade


Activity Description:

The educational workshop 'A light disperses the darkness' is a Silent Play* aimed at fully engaging participants to narrate to them how the festival of Chanukah unfolds and its rituals. During this playful discovery, the five senses will be used immersively. Sight will be crucial to understand the difference between light and darkness, as well as to observe the Museum's large Chanukiah, or hearing will be helpful to listen to traditional Jewish music and the story written by I.B. Singer transmitted through headphones.

The visit will conclude with entry to the Italian Synagogue to fully understand its fundamental elements.

*The Silent Play is a visiting method devised by 'La Piccionaia' and involves providing headphones to all participants.


  • Experience the museum in an engaging and positive way using the five senses to make it even more comprehensive and immersive
  • Understand and appreciate Jewish culture, particularly the festival of Chanukah
  • Understand and recognize the fundamental elements of a synagogue, their meanings, and their uses

A light disperses the darkness - Silent Play

  • Notes: €105 per group up to 15 participants, €7 for each additional student
  • Opening hours:
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    Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
School Groups
Up to 15 participants, €7 for each additional student