A Million Descendants

  • Subject:

    Jewish Culture

  • Who is it for:

    Upper Secondary Schools


Activity Description:

The educational workshop 'A Million Descendants' will introduce students to the figure of Rabbi Meir Katzenhellebogen, who lived in Padua in the 16th century: starting from the viewing of the video-installation 'Generation Comes, Generation Goes,' specially created for the Museum of the Padua Jewish Community, this important figure and the reasons for his fundamental importance will be explored. This will be a useful starting point for understanding the figure of the rabbi in general and his roles, as well as some aspects related to the knowledge and study of the Torah.

The visit will conclude with a tour of the ancient Jewish cemetery on Via Wiel, where Katzenhellenbogen is buried.


  • Deepening Some Aspects of Local History in Padua
  • Understanding the Role of the Rabbi and the Importance of Torah Study
  • Visiting the Ancient Jewish Cemetery of Padua

A Million Descendants

  • Notes: €105 per group up to 15 participants, €7 for each additional student
  • Opening hours:
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    Duration: 2 Hours
School Groups
Up to 15 participants, €7 per each additional student